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Managing People | Book by Simon Birkenhead

Become The Manager Your Employees Want You To Be

A Practical Guide to Getting the Best Performance from Your Team

by Simon Birkenhead

A Penguin Business Experts book

As a manager, you're only as good as your team's performance. Discover how you can unlock greater engagement, satisfaction and performance among your team by adapting and refining your management style.

Becoming a manager is not a progression in your career; it's a move into an entirely new job, requiring a unique set of skills, attitudes and behaviours. Get it right and you'll inspire your team to deliver outstanding results. But get it wrong and you'll create stress, apathy and dysfunction in your team.

Managing People is a practical manual for any first-time manager or established supervisor who wants to succeed in their role. Part of the Penguin Business Experts series, this book
 is your complete guide to becoming a truly great manager that people want to do their best work for.

"This is a fantastic book, very easy to read but packed full of simple and practical tips to support managers on their journey to building a high-performing team."

"This book definitely ranks as one of the Top 3 Management books I have read."

"A real gem of a book for both the new/aspiring manager and more seasoned people managers - a must read for managers!"

"There is something for everyone - for new managers just finding their feet and more experienced leaders looking to up their game."

"Easy to read, right to the point and practical in application. Highly recommended."

What You'll Learn

This book condenses Simon Birkenhead's extensive research plus decades of experience working as a manager and business leader into an actionable guide. It clearly explains what you must do for your employees to be the best they can possibly be, and in the process how you can become a manager that others love working for.

Part One: What Makes a Great Manager?

  • Why Being a Great Manager Matters

  • The Bad Habits You Must Break

  • What Your Employees Need From You

Part Two: The Five Steps To Being a Great Manager

  • Step 1: Activate Motivation

  • Step 2: Define and Track Expectations

  • Step 3: Develop Your Employees

  • Step 4: Build a High-Performance Culture

  • Step 5: Master Your Communication

Part Three: Becoming the Manager You Aspire to Be

  • Putting Theory into Practice

Why You Should Read This Book

Over half of all managers are labelled as incompetent or a complete failure by their employees. Over 60 percent of new managers receive no formal training when they are asked to manage someone else for the first time. Don't be one of them.

As a manager, you will be the most important person in your company for your employees. They'll be expecting you to be the inspiration and support they need to work at their best, all the time. You'll need to motivate and direct them, coach and train them, and establish a working culture and environment in which they can be their most productive.


How can you do this, while keeping on top of our own task list? What are the things you need to get right for your team to operate at its best?

In Managing People, Simon Birkenhead explains how any first-time manager or established supervisor can become a truly great manager by doing five simple things well: motivating employees, setting clear goals and expectations, providing feedback and coaching, building a high-performance culture, and mastering communication. Full of practical tips, this book enables any new manager to be effective from day one, covering everything you'll need to know and do to become the boss that everyone wants to work for.

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