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Cultural Standards of Behaviour

Download this example of a Cultural Standards of Behaviour document to share with your team to accompany the book Managing People.


How people work together is underpinned by your organisation's culture. Culture is not a carefully crafted mission statement or list of company values. It is a set of behavioural norms that can only be observed and experienced through the way people operate. Some behaviours support high-performance and help to maintain an enjoyable and productive work environment. Other behaviours will hold back performance by creating dysfunction, apathy and disconnection.

Since a culture is defined by how each of us behaves, having a list of expectations will help each employee understand what is acceptable in your organisation and what is not. It allows each person to measure their own behaviours against these standards, and helps new employees to understand the behavioural norms that they are expected to live by.

Organisational culture is set by the worst behaviour you tolerate. So writing down and sharing the standards you expect from all your employees will allow everyone to hold themselves accountable for exhibiting and maintaining these.

Submit the form below to download an example of a Cultural Standards of Behaviour document that Simon Birkenhead, author of the book Managing People, has introduced into each of the businesses he has led. It can help you to communicate how you expect your employees to conduct themselves and will help facilitate change if your team has behavioural norms you need to stamp out.

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