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Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire

Download this best practice questionnaire to solicit feedback on your own personal effectiveness as a manager to accompany the book Managing People.


Your development into a great manager should begin with a solid understanding of how your employees perceive your effectiveness today. Only by developing a self-awareness of where your team wants you to improve, as well as the things you already do well, can you focus your efforts on becoming a standout leader whose employees feel able to perform at their best, all the time.

This page provides a best practice questionnaire for you to solicit feedback from your employees around your personal effectiveness as a manager. You can download, adapt and execute this questionnaire yourself.

Question List

This questionnaire has been designed to ask probing questions around 9 aspects to your style of management, grouped into three areas:

  1. How you behave

  2. How you manage others

  3. Your expertise

These three areas are described in more detail in Simon Birkenhead's book, Managing People.

Participants should be asked to answer each question with a score of 1 to 4, with 1 indicating they Strongly Disagree with the statement and 4 indicating they Strongly Agree with it.

A range of 1 to 4 is superior to the typical 1 to 5 scoring system typically used for questionnaires. With a 1 to 5 system it is easy for participants to choose 3, indicating they neither agree nor disagree with the statement. However, the reality is that people will generally always feel positive or negative towards an issue - it is very rare that they truly have no opinion either way. By forcing participants to choose either a negative opinion (1 or 2) or a positive opinion (3 or 4), you will gain a far more insightful view.

Because we always want a score of 4 (Strong Agree) to be a 'good' result (i.e. an indicator of strong employee engagement), each question should be phrased so that if the participant agrees with it then that is a positive result for employee engagement.

Submit the form below to download an example Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire that Simon Birkenhead, author of the book Managing People, has used both personally and by his direct reports. You'll also gain access to an example online survey that uses these questions.

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